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A  2d level editor primarily for game maker which also exports a very simple map file that can be imported into most programming languages. Far more powerful than it looks and very simple to learn.

+Has all the basic tools(draw, copy, fill, replace, copy region, paste region, change brush size, etc)

+Can load your maps into other engines and interchangeably between GMS1 and GMS2

+Supports most tile and map sizes

+Tile collision information is stored in a grid which is more efficient than using objects as walls in game maker.

+Having your maps in separate files has many benefits like player made maps for your game and being able to randomly select maps from a folder for procedural map generation

+Right now it's only compiled for windows, but since it's written in GML, it can be exported to any platform.

+Suitable for most 2d platformers and top down games

+Easy to save map data which is very beneficial, especially if you have a destructible environment

+Easy to add your own game objects and tile sheet to the editor


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Development log


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The map making  doesn't work when I open it up in Gms2 it just show me the game.

To open the project in GMS2 select import project instead of open project and it'll work fine.

Yeah, I did import it but when i run the game it doesn't show me the editor...

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MapMaker.exe is the editor, not the project. The project contains the code to load the maps you made in the editor.  Basically, once you make a map in the editor and save it, put the map file in the games save location(%appdata%/yourgamename) and open the map you want by using the function scrLoadMap("mapname.mp") sort of like you would with room_go_to(room_id);